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About TSCF
Executive Director

Shana McCormick

Board of Directors

John Kalafatis

Stephan Andreatos

Rygo Foss
Tony Hillery
David Nidus


John Kalafatis

Since 2009 Skyline Restoration, a leader in building restoration in New York, has been organizing charity and fundraising events to benefit organizations such as Smile Train; St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital; New York Center For Children; Ronald McDonald House of NY; African Soul – American Heart (ASAH); Happy Wattoto; The Chordoma Foundation; to name a few.


As the desire to aid local and international communities grew, The Skyline Charitable Foundation was established in 2014 to serve as a channel for proceeds to be spread amongst multiple charities, giving donors the option to allocate their donations according to their preference, while helping introduce new charities to benefactors.

By expanding its horizon, The Skyline Charitable Foundation aims to promote the well-being of individuals of all ages and backgrounds by helping them overcome challenges that prohibit their physical, mental, and social growth.

We hope that The Skyline Charitable Foundation continues to grow by inspiring others to take action. Thus, our mission is simple – extend the reach of our influence beyond what is convenient, while encouraging others to explore the possibilities to do the same.

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